Monday, March 12, 2007

Life List

Here and there on my blog and in my day-to-day life I've mentioned my "Life List."

First disclaimer is that it's not a list I actually have written down. It exists in my head and my heart.

There are simply things I wish to do or experience before I die. I have no idea how long I have to do these things, but as long as I'm breathing, I'll be seeking them out.

For instance, one thing that has been on my list since my teens is my desire to perform in the musical Godspell. It's happening now, and it's way too much fun.

I also thought it would be fun to actually write as much of my Life List as I could come up with and share it with y'all. Hopefully you will comment with some things that are on your list as well.

In no particular order:

1.) Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
2.) Take my children to Washington D.C.
3.) Visit the Great Wall of China
4.) Drive a Rolls Royce (at least once!)
5.) Drive an Aston Martin DB9 too
6.) Play in a simul against a top ten Grandmaster
7.) Perform in Jesus Christ Superstar
8.) Perform in Les Miserables
9.) Sell a screenplay
10.) Have a screenplay produced
11.) Write a novel
12.) Give my wife a gift so special it makes her cry
13.) Take an extended visit to Ireland
14.) Find distant relatives in Galway or Clare
15.) See Bigfoot (no I don't believe in him, but seeing him would be cool anyway.)
16.) Visit the Holocaust Museum
17.) (New!) Visit Oskar Schindler's Tree at the Yad Vashem Memorial.
18.) Swim in Loch Ness
19.) Visit Roswell during the UFO festival (no, don't believe in those either)
20.) Stay in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York
21.) See the David Letterman Show live
22.) Be on a game show, preferably Jeopardy
23.) Direct a movie
24.) Act in a movie
25.) Attend a Collingwood Magpies AFL game at the MCG
26.) Attend a Newcastle United game at St. James's Park
27.) Sing the Star Spangled Banner at a Major League ballgame (A's!)
28.) Drink a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon worth more than $500.00 (just so I can say I did)
29.) Travel into Space
30.) Live long enough to see my grandkids get old enough to know who I am.

Well, there are a few things anyway. Maybe I'll add more when I think of them. What are some of your Life Listees?


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