Saturday, January 26, 2008

Technology Sux

Well, my new weekly feature is gonna hafta wait.

Sucks to be you.

Don't buy JVC cameras. Just don't. I'll explain later.

I don't understand the desire some companies have to go proprietary. Well, wait a minute, I do understand, but knowing what I know, I don't understand why they would actually do it.

Let's say you make a decent camera. It works well, takes pics and vids, the usual. Then you package it with your editing and playback software, which is shit, or at best, shit+1. Now, you know that most people who want to edit and organize their pics and vids are using very good, widely distributed software that is somewhere between shit+4 and shit+50, all of which depend on widely used pic and vid formats, like mpegs and avi's and such.

Problem is, even your upgrade version of the software is maybe shit+2.5 at best. But still you decide to specially encode your pic and vid files, esp. the vid files, so that people who want to edit and produce and burn their videos have to use your fucking useless software to do it, or at least use it to arduously convert the files to something actually usable.

With all of that, tell me why I, as a consumer, wouldn't take my $770 camera and come on up to your office and shove it clear up your grainy ass?

I can think of one reason, anyway, in that I'm certainly uninterested in touching your ass. Otherwise, well, I don't know. I think I'll put this thing up on ebay and get a Sony Handicam. At least I know my Sony Vegas will be able to read the file.

So, keep an eye out next Friday, and we'll really have my new feature.

Love you all. Never change, baby...


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