Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney Minutiae

Do we really, really need the play-by-play of Britney's self-destruction?

It's sad what can happen to a person who isn't properly nurtured and prepared for a life in the spotlight. Some say that a person in the spotlight deserves whatever they get. They benefitted from the spotlight, the spotlight has turned on them, and hey, more fun for us.

I don't see it that way at all. I think it's inhuman to kick a person when they're down. Frankly, I think the massive scrutiny and attention she's receiving is part of the problem, and at the very least exacerbating a bad situation.

We make fun of the Chris Crockers of the world, but the boy has a point. What business is it of ours that the girl is falling apart?

What kind of people are we that we enjoy watching her become a spectacle? If this was your daughter would it be so fascinating? Would you understand that, hey, she's a big star, so all this attention is just A-OK? I think not.

I think the constant pressure of having every move, every slip-up, every drink, every word become headlines on the gossip rag would be a debilitating burden on just about anyone. When you take someone who has been exploited by their mother instead of prepared and nurtured, you have a disaster on your hands.

Sadly she might have a better chance of making it if the rest of us weren't so damn fascinated with the possibility of her not making it. An increasingly voyeuristic society has got to take some responsibility for this, if for no other reason than contributing to an environment that makes it nearly impossible for her, and others like her, to get the help she needs with the seclusion and separation it would take to get her head on straight.

Please, no more Britney headlines. Not for my sake. I don't precisely care, except that she's a human being, and I just can't understand why anyone thinks treating another human being this way is in anyone's world okay.


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