Saturday, April 14, 2007

Babies and Bathwater

Here's the problem with hypocritical fat fucks like Al Sharpton.

One of the glaring things is that they live in this unreal, black and white world (pardon the pun) where the response to every wrong must be permanent and as humiliating and damaging as possible. There is no sense of proportion.

Yeah, what Imus said was fucked. It's Don Imus. If you're expecting reason and sensitivity, you're whacked. That's why I never listened to him. He's an idiot.

However, Al "The Interloper" Sharpton and his fuck-buddy Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, would rather have combat for combat's sake. They want to take away every possibility of a platform for this guy, despite being unwilling to give up their own when they spewed racist bullshit.

And out goes the baby with the bathwater. Don Imus, for all his idiocy, performed a lot of good, not the least of which was his ranch.

Despite the foulness of Imus's comments, nobody was actually, materially damaged by his idiocy. An apology, suspension, maybe some sensitivity training (another story, but I digress) was definitely in order. But that's not enough for the hypocrites who run from their hypocrisy at high speed by screaming about the deeds of others before they can be called to answer for their own. And now Sharpton's pressurizing tactics that resulted in the end of Imus's show have likely impacted a lot of innocent bystanding families who stand to lose the sort of aid Imus was able to provide, all so Sharpton could continue to divide the races and puff out his fat ass and pretend that he's accomplished some good.

It's out of proportion, and the idiots who continue to dignify the Sharptons and Jacksons of this world with any sort of attention only serve to hurt others without even realizing what they're doing, or who they're hurting.

Good job, Sharpton. You really cleaned up this town. Not only won't we have Imus, but we won't have to put up with all the fuckin' cripples and lepers anymore.


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