Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Vibes

Well, since our evening was munged up, I planned the morning out instead. I took off work through noon (not that it really matters) and started by leaving her in bed and getting the kids off to school on my own (no mean feat, if I may say so myself!)

Then I gave her a little time and worked from home. So I didn't exactly take off... sue me.

Then I cooked up a nice breakfast and made her a Swiss Mocha and took it to her in bed (and not till around 9:30am.)

According to her I'd already surpassed expectations. But I wasn't done.

I scattered a dozen and a half candles about the bathroom (she's got the TV on, so she can't hear me fussing about. That's good, cause I'm a loud fusserer) and drew her a bath with Vanilla bubblies. I set up a nice little playlist on the iPod with about an hour's worth of String quartet music interspersed with Evgeny Kissin playing Chopin and Liszt (yes, there is lighter Liszt, not just crazy stuff.)

I sent her to the bath and left her there in peace, the house to herself.

Too bad it couldn't have been all day for her. Got a call from the school. 100.8 fever and coughing like a hyena. I guess that cough medicine didn't work, eh? And who takes their kid's temp in the AM anyway? I mean unless they're all flushed, listless, and sweating? To hear the nurse tell it you'd think I'd sent him to play football(soccer) with two broken legs.

So anyway, one happy little mate with a few hours of bliss when she deserves quite more...

What did YOU do for your sweetie this Valentine's?


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