Friday, February 02, 2007

Inflagrante Predicto #1

Youse guys are lucky little louts. Luck-ee.


Because you can say you were here for not only the Loon's first regular feature, but also his second!


Inflagrante Predicto!

You see, I was watching the Discovery Channel, or one of its imitators, and they had consecutive programs on Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus.

Now I don't know where you fall in on fellas like these good ol' boys, but I fall somewhere between horseshit and hooey. Programs like those I watched are horrific, especially when they're on a channel designed to help one Discover what is true, presumably. They do give a few moments to the naysayers, but only a few snippets, and really don't go far enough into why these guys ought to be forgotten and left to obscurity in death. Instead they glorify those few predictions which seem to have been fairly accurate, and make statements such as, "There's no way in *such-n-such-a-year* Cayce could have known that."

For instance, Cayce apparently predicted in 1935 that Germany would ally with Austria and Japan and threaten world domination.

[Kentucky Accent]
Why, there's just no WAY ol' Edgar coulda known sumpin' like daa-at!
[/Kentucky Accent]

Are you kidding me? Japan was already on an expansion spree in the Pacific, and Germany had been a totalitarian state for two years and was gearing its industry toward military production. Nazi sympathy in Austria was running hot. It would just take a little bit of political savvy to see these lines linking up in the near future. Ol' Neville saw it himself not long afterward, trying to tidy up his ill-fated appeasement deal.

It's all hooey.

And so, in that spirit, it's time for the Loon and his good brothers and sisters to join in the hooey, take a nap (wait, finish reading this first, you schlmiel!) and come up with your predictions for the month of February. Yes, it isn't just me, though I'll come up with one. I'm begging each reader to post their prediciton.

Some ground rules:

1.) Your prediction must concern something on a national, public scale, outside of your sphere of influence, and be easily provable. So "My child is going to crap their pants at preschool" is not going to cut it.

2.) It has to be specific. Saying "Britney Spears is going to do something stupid" is not gonna work. However, saying "Britney Spears will be caught on camera boffing the bag boy at a Piggly-Wiggly" will work just fine.

2.5) it does not, of course, have to be celebrity related. It can relate to business, politics, or any other public arena that will allow us to prove the predicted event took place.

3.) The date range for IP#1 is for the month of February, ending 12:00am March 1, 2007.

4.) The event must take place no sooner than 48 hours after the time stamp on your comment, just because I'm not entirely trusting of time stamps.

5.) The event must take place by 23:59:59, February 28, 2007.

6.) If the event is reported on March 1, but can be proved to have taken place within the above time window, that counts.

7.) I am the sole judge if someone nails one, though if it's close, I might be open to some minor cajoling.

8.) If someone really does nail one, I'll arrange a prize of some sort, of a value no greater than US$20.00. I'm also the sole judge of what a good prize is, so don't bitch if I send you an Edgar Cayce bobblehead.

9.) Ah, yes! Almost forgot. NO DUPLICATES! If someone beat you to it, they beat you to it. Think up a new one.

Okay, that's it. Get your predictions in.

Mine? Well, I'll just stick with Britney and the bag boy.

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