Saturday, February 17, 2007

GPoW #6 Checkmate!

I'm a bit of a gameplayer. I like competition. I like to work out puzzles and find the unknown. I like to stretch my mind.

In 1993 or so, my brother took me to see Searching for Bobby Fischer, which I still consider one of my top 3 favorite movies.

As I'm guessing a lot of other people did, my brother and I went to home and got an old chess set out of the closet. We played several games over the next couple weeks, each winning as many as we lost. We were not nearly good enough to draw.

My interest waxing, I decided to find some lit and learn a little more about the game rather than playing haphazardly. I went down to the used bookstore and bought a book called "Beginning Chess" by Fred Reinfeld for a mere $.60.

That was the beginning of my Guilty Pleasure of the Week #6: Chess

My passion for chess ruled quite a few of the last fourteen years. I was convinced that I could become an expert or even a master with enough work. Actually, it might be possible, but only if I didn't want any other sort of life. Instead of stayed quite mediocre. If you haven't studied or aren't just a natural chess genius, I'll probably make short work of you. But if you know your chess, I'll likely find a way to lose as much as win.

After some study with a chess master, I started going to a few tournaments, at which I had middling results. I've beat and been beaten by septugenarians, and I've beat and been beaten by elementary school children.

At my first tournament I met one of my best friends in the world, Kevin, who even went so far as to make me a little chess website, which I haven't edited in over a year.

I still play some correspondence chess online, and I've pared down my library to a few key tomes. I still have training and database software that I use on occasion, and every now and then I toy with the idea of really going into training on tactics to see if I can take a step up...

Then I realize that I have a family whom I simply don't wish to ignore for the next year or so.

Therefore chess will have to simply remain my Guilty Pleasure of the Week.

So, what's your gaming poison (computer games do NOT count!!)?


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