Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Good to be the King

Folks in France are complaining that the Wheels of Justice turn faster for the rich and powerful.

No shit.

Why does anyone even argue about this crap? I don't care what country you're in, or how day-glow-happy-perfect people would like to think their justice system is, we all know it works this way. So why is there even a discussion? And why vilify this one guy?

Well, of course I know why. His political opponents are simply trying to make hay. Which is more bullshit because we all know that if they were in his shoes, they'd have dug up that dang scooter just as quick.

Isn't it time the conversation moved away from "Is this really happening? Do people let this happen? Can this really happen here?"

It doesn't, you know, because every other person in power, and people still seeking it, know that they'd probably do it too, and many of them hope to have the chance. Not consciously! No way. They are as altruistic as anyone, and their motivations pure, but somewhere in the back of their minds is this sense of possibility. They think "I just might do it too, if it really came down to it."

You see, the people who could do something about it don't want the actual issue addressed. They just want to remove the asshole who's getting a better deal out of the issue than they are.

Until enough people here in the US, and everywhere else (read: France) start asking the right question and then acting on the answers, it will be the same old bullshit, and we'll all act indignant for a day or so until the new episode of Lost or American Idol comes on.

Then we can't be bothered, you know.

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