Tuesday, January 16, 2007

GPoW #2 - Be My Idol

For me, TV is for sports. AFL, EPL, NFL, even MLB and NHL, that's what TV was made for. I take pride that network programming is meaningless to me. For the most part there isn't a television program that will take me out of my routine of whatever other meaningful/less activities I like to indulge in.

Unless it's American Idol.

All my pride, all my standards, all my aversion to network/reality TV... gone.

Now I'm a singer. I'm classically trained. I've performed in a lot of venues and I know how it feels to hang yourself out there. I've also learned to understand my limitations. I know when I'm good, and I know when I'm suckin' wind.

I am a sucker for every aspect of the show. The good, humble singers who are better than they realize get me excited about what I'll get to hear later in the season. The people who humbly try their best and just don't have it and are happy to have tried make me a fan. The people who have their hopes up, yet don't have the goods, who break down, make me feel a little sad for them. The delusional, those who suck eggs all over and think they're the next Mariah Carey/Seal/Josh Groban/Whatever, and are combative and incredulous when the judges dump them like yesterday's potato salad, well, that's what the first few weeks are all about.

I love the drama. I like to see how these people respond to the increasing pressure over the season. I like to see how people rise up and perform like champs, and I like to see how they lose their way and try to be something they're not, just when everything seemed to be going right.

I love my Idol, and don't you ever, ever take it away...

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