Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, I didn't realize it had been so long since I blogged. There's a little bit of a reason for that. One, I have a group of Christian friends and acquaintances, and I've been blogging some very Christian specific stuff on a separate blog for that part of my sphere. But that's only part of the answer. Answer... hahaha, I crack myself up.

The other part is that I've gotten hooked on Yahoo!'s new Q&A section. It's the worst of the worst, let me tell you. The reason it is so bad is that it caters to one of my worst qualities, and one that I know I share with most of the human population of earth. It's that base desire to be a fecking know-it-all.

It can actually be interesting in some ways, because every now and then someone asks a good question and seeing the different answers can really round out the picture for you. Unfortunately most of it comes off like a really bad version of usenet. In the religion section you have the usual set of mindless atheists who don't even understand their own humanism baiting Christians who are almost afraid of their own faith fighting about who is right. Again, you can sometimes stumble onto a good, philosophical set of answers, but since it's an answer once type of forum, you can't even get into a discussion thread to flesh it out, or to call out people on their ignorance. The gentle hearted atheists who really understand why they believe what they believe are drowned out by the insecure religious baiters, and the non-confrontational Christians who actually think things out, understand science and philosophy, and understand why they believe what they believe, and know how to carry on a respectful conversation, are drowned out by the God Hates Queers and Atheists crowd. Not all the time, but much of the time.

Another problem is that once you've answered a question, you'll find you see the same question come up over and over again, and moreso for the more popular topics. And yet you feel compelled to answer again and again, because gawldangit, them ignoramuses didn't get the chance to get in on the monumental wisdom you shared the last time some arsetard asked the same stupid question. How can you stand to deny today's readers the benefits of your fount of wisdom when you shared so generously with yesterday's.

But the worst problem? You get POINTS!! Dang it all to heck, you get POINTS! for answering questions. And if your answer is picked the best one by the asker, you get EXTRA POINTS! And if an answer isn't picked, then people vote on it, and you get POINTS! for voting for your own answer, because even if it sucks, it's your answer, and you gotta have the POINTS! And of course if the votes go your way, you get EXTRA POINTS!

Now if you get enough POINTS! then you get to go up a level! And when you go up a level you can answer more questions and get more POINTS! Gawd, it is so addicting.

And of course, the POINTS! mean nothing. It's like Whose Line is it Anyway? The POINTS! don't matter, but you've gotta have 'em. You've gotta keep answering because, well, POINTS! is POINTS!

So I guess the first stage of recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Screw that. I gotta go answer some more questions and get some more POINTS!


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