Monday, July 10, 2006

Honey, We're Bulls***ing the Kids

TLC should be ashamed of itself (themselves? Whatever.) This show is probably the worst of the current obesity scaremongering horsecrap I've ever seen.

Now nobody is going to argue that the nutritional advice handed down on the show isn't spot on and worthwhile. But of course, that's not what brings in the viewers, is it? No way. Nobody is even paying attention to that part of the show, the only part worth watching.

Nope, they're tuning in for the horribly-rendered, parent-frightening, anatomically impossible age progressions. If you're watching it, you know that's why.

Other than American Idol, I'm against any TV program with any remote connection to reality. I've got enough reality in my everyday, thank you very much.

My wife will watch this show on occasion, because she's my TV antithesis. She even watched the horrifying "Temptation Island." Blech.

One thing we've noticed, and it was very blatant in tonight's show, is one of the little tricks they use to make the differences between what the way-stupid-uncaring-bad-evil parents are doing now and what the nice-superior-much-smarter-than-any-actual-parent hostess is doing.

The couple in tonight's show had three sons. The dad has a mildly receding hairline, nothing drastic, just typical of a late 30's early 40's kinda dude.

In the first set of pics, showing the boys growing up fat on mommy's diet, the boys all lose a lot more of their hair than dad. The third son, now 5, gets it the worst, ending up with a bare wisp of hair that is turned into a bad combover.

In the next set of pics, showing how the really-really smart doctor would raise your kids, each of the children end up at 40 with a FULL head of hair, receding even less than dad's.

Sorry, you lost me, holier-than-thou peeps. I'm all for feeding the kids healthy. We do our best. But I refuse to give in to the scare-mongering horsecrap proferred by these well-meaning but disingenuous schmucks.

Of course, I didn't even mention that somehow the professional rendering on the before progressions makes the kids look like mongoloid mutants, sometimes downright neanderthal.

And the befores are even poorly and sloppily dressed. Huh? You're telling me that just cause someone's overweight they're automatically fashion-deaf slobs? Gosh-okies, that borders on prejudice. If you're fat, you're slob, you can't clean yourself up or make yourself look professional at all.

The obesity scare is overblown as it is, and this show is one of the worst aspects of the Food-Nazi movement.

Shame on you, TLC.


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