Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Best of My Life

It's been awhile since I've posted. Sorry, June is always terribly busy. First, it's loaded with birthdays, mine, two of my kids, two of my in-laws... crazy. Somewhere in the midst is Father's Day...

And is topped of by my Anniversary. This past Sunday marked 18 years.

My wife's name is Theresa. Theresa means "reaper" or "thresher." Hmmm... Okay, I won't go that route.

We've just come back from an extended weekend in the Southland. A beautiful, secluded cottage, and all the time in the world. On Sunday we saw Les Miserables... for the sixth time.

We're junkies.

On Monday we went shopping in Santa Barbara. We could only get through about 3-1/2 hours, and that with an ice cream break in the middle, before we decided we just weren't really made for serious shopping.

Throughout the weekend, in all the spaces in between, we just relaxed, held hands, read, talked, kissed, took a couple of baths, looked deeply into each other's eyes, and simply were together, without interruptions, kids whining, phone calls, anything.

Life is often so hectic, so topsy-turvy, that it's easy to lose sight of being lovers in love during the day-to-day. It was so peaceful, and love was as clear as as a tropical lagoon, bright and colorful and full of vibrant life.

My wife is an angel to put the angels of heaven to shame. She is sweet, patient, kind, gentle, loving, funny, and certainly longsuffering. In the rare times of quiet when there's nothing but her, her beauty can bring a tear to my eye. I lose my breath when I see the love in her eyes for me, and I simply wonder that I should somehow win the heart of such as one as she.

Happy Anniversary, Theresa. I love you.


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