Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stolen Meme's

I was bored and stumped as to what to blog, so I stole these from UV to keep things going :)

Meme 1...

Accent: Nevada-Hick-Pseudo-Midwest
Booze: Newcastle, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Jaegermeister
Chore I Hate: Gardening
Dog or Cat: Neither *Achoo!* Of course, we have both.
Essential Electronics: PC, iPod, Blackberry
Favorite Perfume: Yuck.
Gold or Silver: To spend, Gold, to wear, Silver
Hometown: Born in Redwood City, CA, but consider Fallon, NV my home town.
Insomnia: Never. Well, when gaming sometimes, but that's a refusal more than an inability.
Job Title: Sales Rep. We really don't use titles at our company.
Kids: Daughter 13, sons 8 and 5
Living arrangements: Nuclear Family
Most admirable traits: Loyalty, Honesty, Compassion, Empathy
Number of sexual partners: 1
Overnight hospital stays: Two?
Phobias: Death of Loved Ones.
Quote: "I waste 'im with my crossbow!"
Religion: Christian
Siblings: Three... sort of. My full brother, Jason, and two half-brothers, Michael and Andre, all different moms.
Time I wake up: 7 am
Unusual talent or skill: Not so unusual, my music, and my ability to recall mountains of trivia.
Vegetable I love: Cauliflower
Update: I'm getting a new iPod next week (see above)!
Worst habit: Spendthrift and Swearing (tie)
X-rays: Teeth, Ribs.
Yummy foods I make: Stir Fry.
Zodiac sign: Gemini the Schizo

Meme 2...

I am: What I am
I want: to be a better father and husband
I wish: for financial freedom
I hate: sociopaths
I love: my family
I miss: Brian, Mickey, and Papa
I fear: failure
I hear: music nobody has recorded yet
I wonder: as I wander
I regret: not finishing college
I am not: afraid of change
I dance: whenever I can
I sing: in the car, in the shower, at home, when I'm shopping, at karaoke, at church, etc.
I cry: at the drop of a hat
I am not always: dependable
I make with my hands: maps of places that don't exist
I write: screenplays and fantasy fiction
I confuse: my children
I should: pay my speeding tickets. Two in two weeks, three in the last year.
I start: too many things without finishing others
I finish: every meal :)

I tag anyone who didn't obey Paula's tag. I think that will be my tag every time.


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