Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Hard to be Loved by Idiots

I'm simply amazed at the people crying for appeasement of the rioting throngs. Really. Since when does the press ever ratchet down its rhetoric? Since when does the satirist have to check his sarcasm? Since when does criticism require approval of the criticized?

Muslims Run Amok

These Muslims are not demonstrating because of their personal convictions so much as answering the call of the extremist instigators who are inciting them far beyond the scope of reason.

Reason... heh. Reason can't be found within a thousand miles of these throngs.

One things these hard core Muslims have GOT to learn is what many (maybe even most, but certainly not all) Christians have had to learn over here. Ready?

You CANNOT expect people who do not adhere to your religion to behave in accordance with your religion.


Furthermore, if you are going to behave like a senseless, immoral, murderous brute in the name of your "religion," then observers are free to characterize your religion and its figures based on the image you project.

Furthermore, if your practice of your religion is disrespectful (especially violently so) of the individual rights of others, to the point of infringing on those rights, then you have no right to expect respect for you or your religion in return.

Put another way, when you start knocking down buildings, blowing up innocents, planting roadside bombs, and sawing the heads off of reporters in the name of your religion, well, then fuck you and your religion too.

Don't burn our symbols and flags, then expect us to respect yours. You have no right to our respect.

These throngs are sadly misled and mindless, and made so by the very culture they think they are defending.

The title above comes from the last paragraph of the cited story. Well said, little French dude, whoever you may be...


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