Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Search and Research

For my screenplay, "Green Light," I need to talk to some coppers. Gang Unit coppers. In the past I've often written about more... "fantastic" things, and have never been burdened with the need to do research that couldn't be done out of a couple of books and maybe a little reading in Wikipedia.

So I've got one name of a gang expert and gave her a call yesterday. Without a credit to my name, it was very difficult to describe myself as a screenwriter. I did it anyway and explained that I am hoping to portray an accurate vision of the harsh street life in Salinas, California. There is some significant interaction with police in my story, therefore I feel a great need to get the portrayal right. I'm actually a little concerned, because I've written the screenplay already, and I'm afraid something I learn about the way things work is going to throw a wrench into my plot. I doubt it, but you never know.

So she gives me the name of the sergeant in charge of the Violence Supression Unit, explaining that he'll know more answers and will know what he can and cannot tell me about methodology and procedure. Great. That will work.

Had to leave a voice mail. He hasn't called me back yet. That's okay.

Funny, I felt the need to tell her that I had a major Hollywood agent ready to read my script. Actually, it's true, the luck of who you know kind of thing, but did I really need to say that? I guess so. I imagine that she became more forthcoming when I told her that, but that's probably all it is, imagination.

I'm really rarin' to get at this rewrite, so I wish he'd hurry up and call.

Call, dangit!


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