Thursday, September 02, 2004

Few Footy Fans 'Round Here

Well, the NFL season is underway next week, which I'm happy about. Love that hard hitting football, love those Raiders.

But right now, and for the rest of September, are the playoffs that these days are a little closer to my heart, the Australian Football League Finals.

I fell in love with this intense variant a few years ago, catching the weekly coverage on Fox Sports World. I couldn't believe that this sport, for which I'd had a distant fascination, was actually being shown regularly right here in the ol' U. S. of A.

I instantly fell in love with the Collingwood Magpies without knowing why. Then Zen was kind enough to inform me that the Collingwood is the most vilified and hated club in the AFL, that their barrackers are known to be toothless, inbred white trash, and that the barrackers of every other club would almost rather see the Collingwood lose than their own club win... almost.

In other words, the perfect choice for a Raiders fan.

It was a spiritual connection.

So, why am I blathering this all here? Because I'm in King Freakin' City, California. If I walked up to someone here in town and said, "Hey, how 'bout them 'Pies?" I'd get nothing back but directions to the nearest bakery. It's sometimes a little tough to be a fan of a sport that's played several thousand miles away, with that day's games done before it's, erm, that day. Nobody over here cares.

Oh well, I do. My 'Pies were the Grand Final losers the last two years, but this year, due to injuries and a lack of the previous seasons' over achieving, they settled into the bottom 8 and never really threatened to break out.

Regardless, I love the sport, and will watch every game broadcast to the very end. I don't know who I'd like to see win this year around, since my club is out. Perhaps Port Adelaide, just to see them shed the "choker" label. Perhaps Geelong, such a surprise fourth after last season.

Truthfully, for me, it's anyone but the Lions. It would be nice to see a non-subsidized team win for once. Sour grapes? You bet.

Wish there was someone local for whom I could buy a drink and regale with all my complaints and whinings.


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