Thursday, April 08, 2004

Steamed Rice

Well, Condi's on the hot seat today. That's good. I'm just waiting for the spin. The victims' families want apologies. I understand that. We dropped the ball.

The bleeding hearts of the country are doing their damnedest to blame the Bush Administration for the problem, while touting the now legendary pharmaceutical factory bombing as evidence that Clinton was taking serious action.

Which, of course, is horse doody. But I digress.

It might be okay to blame the Bush administration in a sense. But you can't blame them for not preventing the attacks so much as for taking only publicly palatable pathways in investigating and trying to prevent any attacks.

The truth of the matter is that the very people who are wailing about how "Bush did nothing" are most to blame for our inability to prevent the attacks. Wait, hear me out.

Think about what sort of measures we would had to have taken to prevent the attacks and detain the planners if the FBI info the dear whistleblower (bless her soul for trying) had run across and was trying to escalate had been acted upon with full force. We would have search warrants, raids, detentions, questioning, confiscation of material evidence, etc.

On 20 Middle Eastern students.

God, the outcry there would have been. The ACLU would have been up in flames trying to get to court. There would have been protests, cries of racism and xenophobia, and this very administration that is being lambasted for taking too soft a touch would be vilified for Gestapo-like tactics in profiling these students who are just over here to modernize and enlighten themselves.

There's something enlightening about being able to pilot a plane that one can never land.

So let the inquiry continue, but know that whatever the commission tells the victims should have been done would have been impossible in a pre 9/11 society. And when the next bleeding heart tries to tell you otherwise, you can say with all confidence, "Horse doody."


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