Friday, March 05, 2004

Hanging it Out There

It amazes me how many decisions are made and courses of action taken on the basis of fear.

Now I betcha you think I'm talking about terrorism and the Patriot Act and all that garbagio. Nope.

Talkin' 'bout mmm-Pop music. Talk about --

Okay, so it's not exactly pop music. It's my music. Exactly two blogtries ago I waxed on about my new studio, for use in my songwriting endeavors. I'm nearly done with my demo now, almost ready to send it to my insider at Word Music Publishing.

It's all thick with Christian content, so certainly not to everyone's taste. I went and posted the music on my Soundclick account to make it available to a few friends for critique. Got some feedback, made some changes.

So here's the question --

Do I have the guts to openly plug my song link in my email, my posts on usenet, just hang it out there?

I don't know. I find myself plagued with doubts and fears regarding the perception others have of me, not the least of which are the peeps I hang with on usenet, misc.writing, the underground, and the cloven-shield.

It feels so personal, and I've always kept my heart a fairly safe distance from everyone with whom I have discourse. Could I handle the occasional barb and ribbing? Will it be goodnatured or plain mean? And most of all, why should I believe that anyone would care enough to even validate this particular conversation...

Well, philosophically speaking, I am who I am, and I don't care what others think of me.

But unless I take the occasional opportunities to display that concept in practice, then it's just hot air, so...

Here 'tis:



It's about me, dummy!!!


Patzer's Progress
Movie Magic Screenwriter
Film Freaks Film Club
Collingwood FC

Newcastle United

Oakland Raiders

San Jose Sharks


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Yeah Whatever
Under the Bridge
Much That is Hidden
Grapes 2.0
Quotidian Vicissitudes
The Fifth Column
Out of Me Head
Ole Blue the Heretic
Stab Film
What is Hip



Looney Mail



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